Don’t you have a heart? What would Jesus do?

August 9, 2012

Don’t you have a heart?  What would Jesus do?

Watch out for these people.  This is a devious use, dare I say devilish use of an individual’s morality to get what they want. 

Some libs try to infiltrate your sensibilities by using these things to soften you and gain entry, where they present their views as morally superior.  Their means of entry is a con, snake oil they themselves don’t believe.  Seems to me most libs are either non-religious, anti-religion or simply atheist.  The liberal activists knowingly manipulate a persons own conscience to steer their opinion using tenets of a faith that they themselves don’t believe.  Is it moral to become conscience counterspies, or moles, to find what makes a person tick and use it against them?  This tactic is despicable.  I see it as no different then, (check that… much worse then) a used car salesman.  A used car salesman that doesn’t really believe that the car is any good and will do whatever they have to do, say whatever they have to say to close the deal.  They don’t care about the car or you, just the sale (vote).  The ends (power gained) justify the means, again.

Using Christ – in the accusation of being morally in the wrong particularly angers me.  What would Jesus Christ do?  First off, what do they care what Christ would do?  They don’t buy the whole idea anyway.  To them it’s only an effective tool to pry into your heart, so they use it.  Jesus instructed us to love your enemies.  Instead, at the direction of the President, you’re to “Get in their faces” and not “love your enemies” but “Punish your enemies”.  And this coming from the leader of the free world.  Morally superior?  I think not. 

If you are approached by these people, or see one spinning this tale in the media - don’t be conned.  If you are a liberal, know the company you keep.  Think with your own mind. Search for truths, identify deceptions.  Don’t simply parrot talking points  - don’t be one of these charlatans.   These are the type of people that when they knock on your door, you might open it a crack and by the time they finish the first sentence, you know to close the door on them.  The problem now is they are running the country, and they have the power to kick the door in. 

But what do I know.

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