Why am I doing this

I’m just another guy tired of seeing things and thinking things but not putting down somewhere.  Over time I have noticed things others may have not, but I never spoken of them or wrote them down.  I now started.  These are all my own posts  from my head and I won’t steal others observations without crediting them.  There is no point in repeating someone else’s unless I can add to it somehow.  The intent of this site is to present my ideas.

I’ll admit I’m not a lib or republican, more of a conservative.   In a nut shell – Federal Government should, protect our borders, back our currency, protect my rights as defined in the constitution and leave me alone.  When the Federal Government does more then that, it always gets fuzzy and makes people really grumpy.   Mostly just leave me alone, is that so bad?  

I don’t want to be, and will try not to be what some call “a hater” because I don’t.  It just gets very frustrating to see some things and not saying anything.  And I have kept it shut till now. 

If you hate what I say, that’s fine, no one is forcing you to read it – If you want to leave a comment I would prefer it to be civil and thoughtful but if you’re not capable then go ahead and leave a turd of a comment, then go away and don’t come back.

I have a fulltime job and family, so don’t have much time to perfectly formulate and fully fledge ideas.  Editing and spelling - yeah right.   If you have read much here, me being human, you may see my mistakes.  I don’t intend to be perfect and am sure I can achieve that.   But hopefully here and there I might be able to show some other folks a thing or two I noticed and give a bit food for thought.   You may agree or disagree, for now it’s a free country.

But what do I know.