Can you say quadrillion?

July 27, 2012

Can you say quadrillion?   You better get use to it.

Showing my age, when a 1 trillion dollar budget was sent congress Jan 6, 1987,  I remember thinking  holy crap.  Trillion? Really? Sure I heard that number used before but that’s a sci fi number, that’s a Carl Sagan number an outer space number.   That’s a number that should not have anything to do with dollars.  But that’s how much we are going to spend in 1 year (in 1988).   It kind of freaked me out.   We went from billions to trillions.   990 billion (or .99 trillion) to 1 trillion

A “Trillion” wow that’s a real number, and we’ve  been hearing that number a lot from then on.

Well we also have something called unfunded liabilities (commitments promised by the Fed with no plan to pay for them).  No one yet has termed it this way (that I know of) but I will. 

We have .11 quadrillion in unfunded liabilities – well today anyway.   1/10 (one tenth) of a quadrillion, I’m sure will soon turn to a half a trillion I mean a half quadrillion dollars then 1 quadrillion.

Current unfunded liabilities – $114,500,000,000,000, check out how that would look at

Next stop quintillion -

But what do I know


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