Taxation Without Representation – what about the Children?

July 18, 2012

What about the Children?

Kids under 18 should be getting mad, and to the untold unborn should get mad once they are born and are old enough to figure this out.

Children are being taxed without any representation.  For many, they will get zero benefit from the taxes they will have to pay since the money is already gone.  It’s a kind of delayed tax but still a tax.  Taxed to pay for someone else’s long spent loans.  Today 40% of each dollar spent, granted or given away by our fed is borrowed.  Borrowed money needs to be paid back over time, by our children and grandchildren and they have no say in how it was used - they are only to pay up.

Today’s politicians will likely to be long dead, while our children are left holding the bag.   Would you do this to your kids? – heck no.  You try to save enough money to pass down or you get an insurance policy to ensure you don’t leave your kids in financial straights.  So why do our leaders do this with our country, and why do we let them.

One of the oddest give always is to China.  According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development the U.S. aid is at $65 million a year.  Not a lot, but this is every year, and 40% of the is borrowed from China in at least some part.  At this point it’s just silly to give anything to China.  Out of the $65 million, $26 mill is borrowed, they get the cash and we and our kids are stuck with the loan payments – we are crazy.

But what do I know.

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